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Video: Veronica Roth citeste un capitol din perspectiva lui Four

Scena reprezinta momentul in care Four asteapta ca tinerii initiati sa treaca de prima proba, unde el va trebui sa ii preia si sa-i conduca in sediul Neinfricatilor. Prima care va sari este,desigur, Tris.

Sursa de unde am preluat capitolul este AICI .

I check my watch. The first initiate should be jumping any minute now. The net waits beside me, wide and sturdy, and lit from above by the sun. The last time I was here was last years choosing day, before then, the day I jumped. I didnt want to remember the feeling of inching over the edge of a building, my mind and my body going haywire with terror, the awful drop, the helpless splaying of limbs, the slack of the net vibrating against my arms and neck.

"You know, if you were up for some serious studying, we could use you in (text) Thurdays," Lauren says.

"If you're recruiting, you should talk to Zeke. He's a lot better at it than I am."

"Yeah, but Zeke doesn't know when to shut it," she says. "We don't recruit for skills so much as compatibility. We spend a lot of time together."

I grin. Zeke does like to surround himself with chatter, but thats never bothered me. Sometimes its nice not to worry about providing any conversation.

Lauren plays with one of the rings on her eyebrow and (her lip).

I try to crane my neck to see the top of the building from the ground but all I can see is sky.

"Bet you it's one of my Dauntless borns," Lauren says.

"Its always a Dauntless born. (No bet)."

They have an unfair advantage, the dauntless borns. They usually know what's at the bottom of the jump, but we try to keep it from them as much as possible. The only time we use this entrance to headquaters is on choosing day, but the Dauntless are curious. They explore the compound when they think no one is watching. They also grow up cultivating in themselves the desire to make bold moves, take drastic action, to commit themselves fully to whatever they decide to do. It would take a strange a kind of transfer to know how to do that without having been taught.

Then I see her. Not a black streak like I was expecting, but grey, plummeting through the air.

I hear a snap of the net pulling taught around the middle supports, then it shifts to frame her.

For a second I stare, amazed, at the familiar clothing that she wears. Then I put my hand out into the net so she can reach it. She wraps her fingers around mine and I pull her across. As she tumbles over the side, I grab her shoulders to steady her. She's small and thin, fragile looking like the impact of the net should have shattered her. Her eyes and wide, and (frightful).

"Thank you," she says.

She may look fragile but her voice is steady. "I cant believe it " Lauren says, with more Dauntless swagger than usual. "A stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of."

She's right. It is unheard of. It's unheard for a stiff to join Dauntless, even. There were no Abnegation transfers last year, and before that, for a long time, there was only me.

"Theres a reason why she left them." I say, feeling distant from the moment, from my own body. I
pull myself back and then say to the initiate, "Whats your name?"

"Um..." She hesitates.

And I feel for a strange, brief moment that I know her. Not from my time in Abnegation, not from school, but on some other level. Her eyes and her mouth searching for a name, disatisfied with the one she finds just like I was.

My initiation instructor gave me an escape from my old identity. I can give her one too.

"Think about it," I say, smiling a little. "You don't get to pick again."

"Tris." She says, (as if) she's already sure of it.

"Tris," Lauren says. "Make the announcement, Four."

She's my initiate after all, this transfer from Abnegation. I look over my shoulder at the crowd of Dauntless members who have gathered to watch the initates jump, and I announce, "First Jumper-Tris."

This way they'll remember her, not for the grey she wears, but for her first act of bravery. Or insanity. Sometimes they're the same thing.

Everyone cheers, and as the sound fills the cavern, another initiate plummets into the net with a blood curdling scream. A girl dressed in Candor black and white. This time Lauren is the one to reach across the net and help her out. I (put a hand) to Tris's back to guide her towards the stairs in case she's not as steady as she seems.

Before she takes the first step, I say, "Welcome to Dauntless."

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